Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cynical Cyborg

And, here's a drawing I did in that spiral notebook:


  1. I just saw this on your Myspace headline deal and read all of them in my hotel room.

    I really love everything you write. You are really coming into your own; i've seen a lot of your development and I am so utterly impressed. I can't wait to see you man, tomorrow. Waking up at 10, probably around 11, get home around 5, get out of the house around 8 or 9. I'll call you when I'm in man.

  2. This isn't so much of a creative endeavor, though, ya' know? It's supposed to be pure-consciousness-creativity. When I sit down to write one of these, I don't think--it just comes out.

    And, you fuckin' BETTER

  3. it didn't kill you, so that's good. its strange to see where trauma spits us out later on in life.

  4. I'm thankful for everything that happened, to be perfectly honest. No matter how screwed up I was during and in the following years, my world-view just seems so drastically different from the other people my age.

    My maturity is a forced product, but diamonds are only ever made under pressure.