Monday, June 28, 2010

gentle theories and butterfly affects

Whatever will happen
Whatever won't
                 will anyway.

There is consistent chaos
or an erratic order
Details change
but death never does
Everything is or is not as it seems
The butterfly flaps its wings.
Another unaware realm creates itself
somewhere in the scratchy sheets of spacetime,
someone will run in this room with a shotgun,
& blow brains to the wall before I can write this.

Trying to cope,
I subsequently commit
Philosophical suicide.

Every second,
  everyone in the world is dying                          
  from fashion-related travesties.
Every second-second,
  I am the last man left.
  The last woman won't have me.
  She soon dies. The uncompromising
  irony forces me to spend the days
  Reading feverishly through broken glasses.
  speaking to a resolutely silent something:             

  "I'm such a non-conformist"

  Sometimes, I write little poems. They are
  adressed to no one in particular
  Other mornings I wake up with an idea
  It makes tragedy meaningful for a moment
  but then I remember
  systematically searching for answers,
  Sysyphus still lost
  the taste for his tongue
  when he died.
  I die having never lived
  or vice-versa

Human experience can't transcend Absurdity

life lasts
just long enough
to formulate
some basic opinions,
& undergo repeated revisions.
Children with textbook heads challenge wisdom
in favor of situational grace,
bur all grace is situational,
and wonder is still the only beginning to Philosophy.

Professionally speaking
Prophets died off when
factories began hiring
college graduates.
it's all science-fiction
until it's reality

Our world will end or it has already.

If it doesn't,
I imagine we won't be worried.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

anomie #2 - birds&bodies

Birds&Bodies is a weird narrative about an abusive relationship between soul and body. After too much abuse, soul (from here on out known as 'The Glow') flees from the descent of body via a sneeze.

At the instant of escape, The Glow becomes a Dove.
Thus beginning the first part of this book- "Book of Soul"

Glow sets out on a search for meaning, to understand why Body had become so negligent. Yet, the Glow quickly realizes that it's hard to search for something when you have no idea what it is. The Glow soon understands it needs body for this search. For, without eachother, both shall wander aimless and unsatisfied.

It picks up with 'Book of Body' as Body wanders in a similar search. Feeling abandoned by God, man, and the Glow--Body abuses itself with drugs and self-defeating measures. Still, Body searches.

In the physical conception of the book, I mixed all of the pages up. Although they remain numbered, reading from front to back isn't in order. Several pages are up-side-down (In fact, the whole book of body is).

'Mindfully Mixed-up' is the idea; a metaphor for the subject matter within:

A search for something you don't understand, until you've reached the end.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


weeks later

I've been moving out, working, and adjusting to my age.
A lot has happened, but there isn't much to say.

Monday, June 15, 2009

weighted and weary

I cut that face out of another sketch.

dig. (?) (!) ?!


not sure how I feel about this one